Tailor-made Equipment
Instrumentation and Control


Specialist for supply and construction of ecotoxicology testing equipment

Assessment of environmental safety and effect of human activities, particularly the use of industrial chemicals and pesticides, has become common practice and is regulated in most countries by regulations and legislation. The process of safety assessment is primarily dependent on the availability of biological data, which are generated by ecotoxicological research of molecular biomarkers, whole organisms such as fish, daphnia or tadpols, or on populations of organisms. In order to produce reliable results, such tests need sophisticated equipment developed and constructed in close collaboration of biologists and engineers specialised in micro-technics and electronic control and monitoring. Changing requirements, biological or legal, induce frequent modifications and hence equipment which can easily be adapted to new situations.

Tailor-made equipment for scientific research

Precision proportional diluters and exposure systems for flow-through studies of fish, daphnia, tadpoles etc. and with up to 10 replicates - toxicant delivery systems that accurately deliver small volumes of stock solutions for bioaccumulation tests e.g. with radioactive substances - water purification systems - systems to prepare waste water for toxicity testing - aeration systems for aquaria - systems to osciliate embryo cups - stationary and mobile heating- and cooling systems - test substance delivery systems to achieve variable test concentrations over time, e.g. to simulate a pulse dose - systems to prepare saturated solutions of sparingly soluble substances - siphoning systems to remove debris from aquaria - embryo cups (glass, stainless steel) - large surface aquarium screens to keep organism from escaping (customized connection) - flow-splitters to create up to 10 replicates - light control systems with transition periods between light and dark - toxicant delivery Systems with up to 5 replicate concentrations - fish holding and culturing systems - automatic daphnia- and algae culture

All systems are made of aluminum profiles and are expandable

The systems are custom-built to exactly match your needs and fit into your existing location.

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