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Mineral Casting

Components made of mineral casting in final accuracies

Our products guarantee highest quality. We stand for reliability and innovation for any application. The development and production of mineral casting components is our competence. Our strengths lie in the following areas:

Development of new sustainable materials and the production of precise components made of mineral casting
for mechanical and equipment engineering. Engineering is covered by our own capacity and years of technical experience in-house, which makes us flexible and responsive. For customers we are a competent development partner and system supplier because we offer a complete service for individual solutions.

Our production program includes:

        Production of components made of mineral casting up to 15 tons unit weight
        Parts produced from the mold with final accuracy (0.01mm/m without further processing)
        Special impression material for various applications
        Thin-walled mineral casting (5-30mm)
        Joining of different components = Multi System
        Surface refinement of components
        Inmould Mineral Casting
        Optical surfaces
        R&D materials and molds
        Materials for the shielding of X-rays and radioactive radiation
        "Blast Protection" - protection against explosives / detonations
        reinforced mineral casting
        Mineral casting mold for cubic hollow bodies from one mold
        Steel molds for special temperature curves
        Multiplex mould construction for multiple use

What is mineral casting?

Mineral casting consists of mineral fillers such as quartz gravel, quartz sand, rock flour and a small percentage of epoxy binder. The components are mixed to a homogeneous mass in a mixer and filled into a mould made of steel, wood or plastic. During the filling process the mould is vibrated to compact and deaerate the mass. After a few hours the component can be demoulded. Depending on the required degree of accuracy, the component is ready for assembly.

In mineral casting, vibrations are reduced about 6 times faster than in GG-25 and 8-10 times faster than in steel.