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Pequitec continues to invest in innovation  

With Volker Schweier, former CEO of Pro3D, Pequitec has secured another top specialist in additive manufacturing.


After having secured one of the top 3D printing specialists Andreas Roser in July, we are pleased to announce that we can further expand our additive manufacturing team
Volker Schweier, founder and CEO of Pro 3D GmbH & Co KG, we are getting another 10 years of In-house experience in the field of additive manufacturing
As a specialist in data handling, Mr. Schweier is a trained IT specialist and takes care of the automation of data processing

Customers such
as Airbus or Mercedes trust in his manufacturing knowledge but also in his abilities by e.g. surface scarring and digital storage of components

the acquisition of Mr. Schweier for the development of internal additive manufacturing structures, Pequitec further expands its capabilities.

The goal is to enable our customers to provide complex projects, products and individual parts within a few working days
in-house development and CAD design to manufacturing using additive technology, we reduce our delivery times from several weeks to a few days

Your Partner for Customized Research Equipment and Development of Special-Purpose Machines

From idea to reality!

You wish to take your research project to the next level? But to do so you need special-purpose machines fitted to your needs? You require certain equipment only for a short period of time, but funding does not allow for purchasing expensive machines?
We are here to help!

As your experienced partner engineering and developing individual and automated scientific research equipment solutions, we are happy to help your project to success. 
Our innovative team is specialized in inventing technical solutions fitted to your requirements. 
Our drive is to provide you the maximum amount of service at minimum costs. Thus, depending on your individual project, we assemble our teams consisting of highly educated specialists handpicked according to your wishes. This way, you get everything you need without incurring extra costs. 
Furthermore, we accompany your project from start to finish – from design and engineering of your equipment to long-time service and maintenance support. 
We also offer a rental service of our more common research equipment, helping you save money and space.

Please do not hesitate to contact us!



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Development of Pandemic related Products

We are now able to supply a range of critical equipment related to the Covid-19 pandemic. Development of alternative solutions and new products against shortages is ongoing. As a company specialised in special equipment for scientific research, we see it as our responsibility to help fight this pandemic. We focused our work on research equipment to keep our customers safe by minimizing risk of infections and providing filtration systems and personal safety gear.

- Hygiene screens/sneeze guards to protect against respiratory droplets
- Remote support systems, remote controlled monitoring and actuator systems: Allows our support personnel to conduct certain tasks without travelling to your site, which is especially helpful in high-risk areas
Currently available upon request (supplied for emergencies only):
- Personal protective equipment such as face masks, gloves, safety goggles
- Oxygen generators
Currently under development:
- Air filtering systems
- Patient transport chambers for contaminated areas or infected patients
- Mobile chambers that allow work in high-risk areas without PPE

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