Tailor-made Equipment
Instrumentation and Control

Subtractive Manufacturing

We offer a wide variety of manufacturing technology to satisfy your needs. From special parts to serial production.
We offer you all services out of one hand.
As a specialist in Special-Machine building and development, having detailed knowledge and capacity for Manufacturing in-house is key.
That's why we have over 12 Years of experience in Manufacturing all sorts of Parts and equipment.

As a customer you are able to take advantage of our know-how and get your Parts produced professionally.
We offer services in Milling, Metal-turning, and grinding in high quality and low tolerance.
Our Machinepark and Partner network consists of 5 axes Milling and turning machines, Flat- and round- grinder, and also technologies such as Spark-erosion and polishing.

Please contact us for more information and quotation directly under:

info@pequitec.ch or +41 62794 22 05