Tailor-made Equipment
Instrumentation and Control

Welcome to the World of advanced Manufacturing!

As a Company specialised in innovative processes and tailor-made equipment our foundation is a strong, innovative and advanced portfolio of manufacturing technologies.

Latest invesests in additive technologie and serial productiong ensures that we are always on the cutting edge of manufacturing.

As our customers u benefit from over a decade of skill, know-how and innovation.
We fullfill your needs! Because we use a vide variaty of manufacturing technologies to prduce and develop our sepecial-machines we are able to offer you everything you need, out of one hand.
From special parts in quantity 1 to full on mass manufacturing your Product.

Our manufacturing services include:

- Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) in metal, Plastics and ceramics                                                       [more infos]

- Subtractive manufacturing (Milling, Turning, spark erosion, Polishing etc.) for Metal and Plastics      [more infos]

- Serial Production (CNC, Injection Molding, Vacuum Molding]                                                                      [more infos]

- Mineral Casting                                                                                                                                                     [more infos]

Doesn´t see what you need? Just drop us a mail: info@pequitec.ch
With our wide network of partners we are able to cater to your needs.
We work with more than 50 supplieres, manufacturing partners and postprocessing partners worldwide.